About Us

NPO 114 - 846

Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (P.A.C.T) was established in March 2012 as a non profit organisation dedicated to providing care and medical treatment for animals in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix is a poverty stricken area with many owners who either cannot afford to or are not concerned with sterilizing their animals. As a result, there is a considerable breeding problem in this area which leads to unwanted litters destined for homeless lives under unfathomable conditions. This is where P.A.C.T hopes to make a difference – by sterilizing homeless animals and helping owners (who cannot afford sterilization fees) with a welfare rate.

Our Mission Statement

What we aim for

If an animal is found to be abused or neglected we will remove the animal from the home. Where homing or re-homing is required we will enlist the assistance of our animal network (consisting of a number of animal organisations in South Africa), and will relentlessly do our best to find a home. Our (idealistic) vision is a future where the majority of animals in the Phoenix area are sterilized, fed and treated with respect (or at the very least, tolerance) in the community.

We Strive To

  • Raise funds to sterilize homeless animals in Phoenix.
  • Educate the community on responsible animal care.
  • Find forever homes/foster homes for stray babies wherever possible.
  • Feed homeless animals, e.g. feral colonies.
  • Provide medical treatment to strays where necessary.